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    Our Story

Pennata ties take their inspiration from architecture seen around the globe. The brainchild of a dynamic duo of an architect and a designer, this is a new breed of mens’ accessory brand - fresh and fiercely contemporary, with the city as its muse. Our ties step out of the predictable, scouring the urban landscape for the most captivating lines and awe-inspiring colour combinations. Designed in London and handmade in Italy, our ties are a beautiful fusion of cutting-edge and artisanal. The finest printed silks meet geometric motifs that echo the here and now, while their exquisite  construction illustrates the best of Italian craftsmanship. A sophisticated finishing touch that adds a unique update to mens’ tailoring.



    Meet the Pennata man

He is both the tie-sceptic and the tie-lover. This man appreciates the finer things but can’t bring himself to wear a tie that looks like any other. Alternating between fitted suits and his go-to blazer and jeans combination, he approaches dressing (and life) with an effortlessly dashing ease. A distinguished man who isn’t abandoning the tried and true classics, or disappointing his trend-leading tribe.



    Through the Architect’s Eye




Sharp symmetry is spun into exacting shapes. Glimpses of the street caught in reflective façades form rhythmic repetitions. The deep curve of an arch is colour-blocked into a two-toned texture on fine silk… The man-made world lends its inspirations to a collection of ties that shows respect for the beauty of architecture - both classic and contemporary. The necktie is the perfect canvas for translating the magic of concept meeting construction. This sliver of fabric has the power to lend a unique, stand-out effect to an unassuming suit. It can bring neutral colours to life and can give smooth textures the depth of pattern. A statement piece that adds a defining difference from one man to the next, the tie is quite literally the finishing touch. A revealing indicator of one’s personality and intention - brazen and bold or cool, calm and measured in approach.


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