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What is a knitted tie?

July 03, 2017


We have come across some men who are absolutely baffled by the idea of wearing a knitted tie. We get it. When something is a little bit different from the norm, but trust us, in the world of fashion when you look a little bit different from the norm, you are going to fit well in.

Texture and Fabric

Knit ties are slightly different to other ties that you may have worn before. Obviously, the main difference is the way in which they are made. This completely changes up the overall texture and the look of the tie. You can pick them up in a variety of different materials. This includes silk, cotton, or wool. Basically, you will be able to choose the knit that is going oi be perfect for you. The material you opt for will change the situation that the tie is going to be best in:

  • Silk: if you are looking for a knitted tie that can work well in formal situations, but can still jazz up an outfit in the more casual environments.
  • Cotton is great, particularly during the summer months. It is very breathable. It is also great if you want to keep your neck warm when the cold weather starts to set in.
  • Wool knitted ties are fabulous for the winter months. Maybe not for the summer months as they are quite ‘hot’ to wear, but if you want something that can keep you looking stylish when it is a bit nippy outside, then wool is the route to go down.

We suggest that you avoid synthetic fabrics. They are not brilliant for knitted ties.

Design of the Tie

The most intriguing thing about knitted ties is that they tend to have a square end rather than a pointed end. To us, this gives them a slightly more ‘casual’ look. While you can easily get away with wearing a quality knitted tie in a formal situation, these ties have very much been ‘built’ for more casual events. Due to this square end, the way in which you wear the tie will change drastically. For example; many people will wear their knitted ties so that the end is slightly lower, perhaps more in line with the waistband on their pants.

Resurgence in Popularity

Contrary to popular belief, knitted ties are nothing new. They have been going through somewhat of a resurgence recently, but they have been worn for decades by men around the globe. Obviously, up until recently they had a bit of a reputation for only being for the older generation and, dare we say it, ‘hipsters’. But walk around any style-centric place in the world, particularly during the summer months, and you will see people wearing these things in their droves. We have every expectation that they are only going to end up being more popular too!

With the right knitted tie, you will be able to jump in on this fashion crazy. Find a fantastic shirt to partner the tie with, maybe a suit in a more formal environment, learn then the four-in-hand knot and we are positive that you are going to look stylish.

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