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Necktie styles that every man should own

May 29, 2017


Nearly every man has a few neckties. However, how many men really know what to wear when? Basically, you can wear your neckties to the party, business event or an interview. Which is the ideal one to wear? Let us break that down

Solid neckties

This should be the first necktie that makes to your closet. Most men love the dark blue to navy blue hue. However, burgundies, purples, and dark greens can still do. Do not go for smooth and matte for your first stick to the solid.

 If you are going for strict business, go for refined dark color and low luster or high ‘power tie’ that is high gloss red. For relaxed business, go for solid pastel, visibly textured or high sheen with colored shirts.

Polka dot neckties

 The good thing with a polka dot tie is that it does not resemble much of the menswear. (You have issues if you wear polka dot shirts). Do not wear polka dots to strict business events. However, for relaxed business think of contrasting glosses and textures. You can have matte dots on a reflective shirt or the vise versa.

 Foulard neckties

Foulard is a French name meaning repeating symmetrical patterns. The tie looks more restrained in a lower color contrasting background. When wearing it to strict business, pick ties from the same color family. If there is some contrast, ensure that it is not too bold. You can pick elegant patterns or vintage patterns rather than the floral patterns.

As for relaxed business, seek more distinct patterns and brighter colors. You can go for floral, geometric, and abstract figures.

 Paisley neckties

Paisley is a curved design that repeats itself throughout the tie. It comes from the Middle East origin. Paisley neckties use bold colors and are full of abstract designs with a solid background. Other types have small floral figures between the paisley figures. Since it looks casual, desist from wearing it for strict business. However, you can wear it to more relaxed business. Dark backgrounds do better than lighter ones.

 Novelty neckties

Nearly every dad has this tie. They come in a number of well-known Disney characters such as Superman, Mickey Mouse or some other character. They also come in different colors. You can use the ties as a great gesture of love and fun but not for business. You are better not wearing them at all (Unless you are a Hollywood executive that is looking for the rights to one of the animation movies).

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