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Man scarves selection guide

July 26, 2017

Scarves are a popular fashion statement. The trend has been popularized by Hollywood. They are seen regularly draped loosely around the necks of starlets and stars in Hollywood movies. Today, there are over a dozen scarf designs for both men and women. The women scarf is the most popular in the market. There are also good choices for the men too. Here is a guide to selecting scarves for the men.

Scarves are made from several materials and come in a variety of colors or prints. Many of them can be worn with formal attire, and others are good for casual businesses. 

Casual/ winter scarf 

These scarves are normally worn to protect yourself from the winter weather. They are primarily made of cashmere, wool, polyester or alpaca wool. They are warm and thick to touch. Most of them are actually knitted for better protection against cold. You can wear them with casual or official attire on very cold days. 

Sports scarf

A sports scarf is thinner than a winter scarf. However, it is made of a cold-resistant material. Most of the sports scarves are made for winter athletes to help them deal with cold temperatures and the wind when training. They are also circular and do not need to be wrapped. They are made this way to prevent injury or death from strangling in the course of the athletic activities such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding.

Business casual scarves

They are thin scarves just like the sports scarves. However, they are made in the same fashion as that of the winter scarf – rectangular and long. Moreover, they come in prints such as paisley, geometry, and checks. 

Business casual scarves are more traditional and are meant to be paired with business or semi-casual business attire. They are made of different materials to make them ideal for wear during both summer and winter periods. For the warm season, you can wear scarves made of silk, satin, linen, jersey, and cotton. For the cold months, you can make scarves made of poly-blend, alpaca, cashmere, and wool. All these material are blended to give the scarves the desired qualities.

Dress Scarf 

The dress way is usually the evening scarf. It is normally worn with a top coat or an overcoat. The common materials used to make the scarves are merino wool, cashmere, or alpaca. Some scarves can also be worn on any of the both sides. They are also conservative with the choice of colors and prints.

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