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How to match pocket squares

May 22, 2017


One of the biggest questions that many fashion bloggers and our staff at Pennata receive is how to match ties and pocket squares together. Complementing formal or casual style with a pocket square can really make a fantastic fashion statement . Most pocket squares are designed based off of existing tie colors or the patterns that we commonly see on suit liners/ shirt patterns. Finding the perfect accessory to suit any outfit however can take a bit of browsing especially with pocket squares. Here are some top tips for matching your pocket squares and getting the most out of your outfit:

Color schemes: there are plenty of color scheme diagrams that you can find online for color combinations that will work as a directly opposite color, an equal color or color that is somewhat adjacent to the color that you might have with your tie. Experimenting with a few different colors that are completely opposite or fairly similar to the color of your tie could help you find the best combinations in tie and pocket square matches.

Pattern matching: if you have a solid colored tie you could consider opting for a fairly solid but neat pattern on your pocket squares. Matching the secondary pattern on your tie to a busier pattern in a pocket square can also work particularly well. Even if the shade of the color in the pocket squares different, the patterns will match and complement one another.

Going with solid: If you have a tie that has an extensive pattern you could also consider choosing a solid pocket square that has a secondary color from the tie as a complementing piece.

Changing fabrics: a pocket square is really designed to add a bit of textural variation in a jacket pocket. Even if you aren’t going to wear a tie, consider a pocket square that's made of a silk or linen to break up the fabric pattern in your suit. Having a woolen suit, wool tie and a silk pocket square can add a beautiful fabric variation for example.

Keep some of these top tips in mind for matching pocket squares and accessorizing with quality pocket squares from Pennata.

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