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Focus on Floral

June 27, 2017



Floral ties are what are known as ‘foulard’ ties. Yes. A very fancy French name, but don’t worry, you don’t need to remember that! These ties offer a repeating symmetrical pattern. There flowers will be evenly spaced. There is an ever so slightly different floral tie which does not come under the foulard banner, but we will talk about that shortly.

What Tie to Buy?

One of the major benefits of floral ties is that they work for just about every situation. You will need to choose an ever so slightly different pattern on the tie depending on when and where you are wearing it, but whether you are looking for a floral tie for business or casual situations, we are positive that you can find the tie that is right for you:

  • Formal and most business purposes: if you want a floral tie for a more formal situation, then the color of the tie should be roughly the same throughout. This means that the color of the floral pattern needs to closely match the color of the fabric. You may want something that is a bit more elegant too. We find that floral ties which have smaller flowers on there which are, perhaps, slightly more difficult to ‘see’ work well in formal situations. The larger the flowers, the less-likely the tie is going to look good. It just ‘screams’ a little bit too much. Thankfully, you should be able to find plenty of elegant floral pattern ties over on our website.
  • Casual and relaxed business: you can get a bit crazier with your patterns here! Brighter colors and distinct patterns should be the norm for you. Most foulard ties come under this banner. Obviously, since you are going to be going a bit more casual, you can choose whatever looks right for you. We find that the brighter colour ties work especially well with more colorful outfits, although you can tone things down a little bit if you wish. In a business environment, even if it is a casual business environment, you probably do not want to get too big and bold with the color. Just a smattering of color should be sufficient.

In our opinion, it is foulard ties which should dominate your tie collection, mainly because they are so versatile. They also look a lot better than single-color ties.

Paisley Ties

As we mentioned previously, there is one other tie style which also offers floral patterns. These are paisley ties. This pattern originates in the middle east. These ties have curved, repeating design which has small floral patterns between them. They are very intricately designed. They do not work that well for more formal occasions, but if you are looking for a casual tie that is a little bit different from the norm, then you may want to consider going down the paisley tie route. For most situations, we recommend a darker background tie with lighter paisley patterns, just so you do not have a clash of colors with your outfit.

Why not check out the plethora of floral pattern ties that we have in stock here?

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